TigZ — Liquidity Sale on Bounce.finance!

What’s CZodiacs?

Many people around the world believe in the Chinese Zodiac for their fortune and luck, we have decided to make a project that will surely make your crypto portfolio lucky!
Since we are in 2021, we will start with OX, and after each month instead of yearly swap we will do a token swap every 30days to the next Zodiac decreasing the supply 8:1 until we finish the 12 Chinese Zodiac Sign and will have a fixed supply of CZodiac Token

What is bounce?

Bounce is a decentralized auction platform, incorporating liquidity mining, decentralized governance and staking mechanisms. The first principle of Bounce is scarcity of resources, which creates a competitive swap environment.
Bounce Finance aims to solve the token sale problem of DEXs.

Why we are doing a sale while we are listed in pancakeswap?

We are aiming to have a huge liquidity or add more liquidity to the current TigZ-BUSD and Tigz/WBNB pool by doing a sale in bounce.finance in preparation for our upcoming CZUsdBorrow, CZFarm, CZFarmMaster (more details coming soon for these developments) without hurting the current liquidity in pancakeswap

How Participate Bounce Fixed Swap Pools

1. Go to the bounce.finance link to be published by the official CZodiac channel. DO NOT use the bounce search panel.
2. Connect your web3 wallet (metamask, trustwallet, safepal etc) to Bounce.finance.
3. Make sure you have enough BNB to buy as much TIGZ as you want. The max per wallet is 1 BNB.
4. The rule is based on first come first serve orders, so you will get swapped if your tokens arrive within the Max limit (80 BNB)
5. You will receive a “you are in” message on the website if you successfully swap your tokens, but you will receive a “bounce” message if you do not get into the swap.
6. You will receive your swapped tokens right after your transaction gets confirmed and it is automatic.
7. If you send your transaction to the pool and there are no swap allocations anymore, your transaction will be bounced and you will receive your principle back.



Sale Plan

30B TigZ from Team Development Funds

Fixed Swap rate: 250m Tigz per 1BNB
Hardcap: 120BNB

Follow us! and May the luck be with you!

TWITTER (https://twitter.com/zodiacs_c)
TELEGRAM (https://t.me/CZodiacofficial)
TELEGRAM ANN (https://t.me/CZodiacANN)
DISCORD (https://discord.gg/FEpu3xF2Hb)

Bounce finance website: https://bounce.finance/