The CZodiac First 5 Year Plan (Roadmap)

2021 is year Foundations of Wealth
- Cloning existing products for rapid growth.
- All releases 100% purpose to grow CZodiac token.

First Five Year Plan
As the Whitelisting has resulted in an oversubscribed sale, in spite of the market headwinds, the CZodiac Team has begun work on the future development of the platform. The current feature set of CZodiac already introduces Frictionless Yield Farming which utilizes a 2.5% transfer tax to generate yield for holders and yield farmers without any required transactions. This innovation forms the basis for a strong ecosystem where all stakeholders (Holders, LP, Dev) are rewarded from the growth of the protocol.

Given the rapid growth of interest in the Platform, the CZodiac Team has created the First Five Year Plan. The specific details of this Plan are kept in secret internal documents to reduce the threat from competitors, but the essential themes & overall strategy are available to the public. This Plan will result in a massive growth of the CZodiac token as all elements are designed solely for the purpose of increasing its value.

2021: Year of Foundations

2021 is the Year of the Ox, a diligent & honest animal, so is the ideal time to build the Foundations for CZodiac. In the spirit of this year, the CZodiac team has planned one simple yet solid product to release each season. As we are nearing the end of Spring, the CZodiac token itself is released. Over the summer, a stablecoin platform will be released which has already been developed and is in testing. The fall will expand this stablecoin with a lending platform. To end the year, CZodiac will expand to additional chains to grow the audience further.

To be as diligent & honest as the Ox, the CZodiac Team will minimize the wastefulness of resources by cloning as much of the technology as possible from the most successful products in each area. Through cloning and modification, the product release schedule can be more rapid than the competitors, plowing the fields for the grain that is to grow. Low costs with a smaller development team results in better returns for all parties.

Growth of the Token

All products are designed from the beginning to grow the value of the Token. The primary modifications the Team has designed for the platforms to clone are all focused on enhancing the ability for these platforms to capture value for the CZodiac Token and rapidly empower its growth rate.

Doing so creates a virtuous cycle of wealth. First, increased capture of wealth by CZodiac attracts new members to the community. These members then utilize the protocols, increasing their reach and usefulness. This increased use further increases the wealth of the CZodiac token. The cycle repeats again, spiraling upwards to ever greater feats.

A Wealth First Strategy

Rather than blind focused on TVL, CZodiac focuses on the acquisition of Wealth by the platform and thus community. Instead of paying fees to the team or to distributions, the products lock wealth which earns interest. 50% of this interest is allocated to operations while the remaining 50% is allocated to community airdrops & buybacks. In this way, the protocol captures long-term wealth guaranteeing stability through market volatility.

By pursuing a Wealth First Strategy, the CZodiac team guarantees the long-term value of the token. Holders can safely hold their tokens in their wallets knowing that the total wealth captured by the protocol can only increase and never decrease. Since CZodiac is funded from interest from Wealth rather than short-term revenue, both the community and the team can rest secure in their ability to grow the platform in both good and bad times.

Stay strong & HOLD!

Plastic Digits \m/ & Czodiac Team

2021 — Foundations of Wealth
Spring: CZodiac
Summer: Stablecoin.
Fall: Lending.
Winter: Cross-chain.

2022 — (TBA, Defi)
2023 — (TBA, Capital)
2024 — (TBA, Offchain)
2025 — (TBA, Expansion)

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