Stim Farm — CZfarmV2

Introduction: CZFarm

CZfarm is a huge success with partnership and adoption from our community with it’s native token — CZF and with that, we have decided to open the Stim Farm or CZFarmV2 in which will be discussed in this article on how it works and how our fellow CZodiacans will benefit from it

About CZFarm

We also made Farming/Staking so easy with our native dapp

A simple guide for our stakers:

As well as with our CZVaults:

About Stim Farm

Stim Farm or CZfarmV2 is a new and improved CZFarm in which will address the sell pressure from our Farms/Pools. And with that, $CZF will have more holders and at the same time, we will hold the floor price.

The idea of this Stim Farm is, a staker will be using his LP tokens to deposit in the Stim Farm and will be vested for a week and after the vesting period, it will be exchanged to CZF tokens (could be worth more or less) while the LP Tokens will be kept for the usage of liquidity, holding the price floor or can be used for buyback and burn.

There will be a 24hr grace period for depositing your LP tokens and once it ended then the 7-day vesting period will begin. Scheduling will be provided for different pairings in order for our holders to participate in each and every pools.

Plus, we would like to reward to our loyal holders by whitelisting those holders who held their LP through the dump and set the APR high enough to cover and earn their loss in 1week.

Here’s the simple steps for using the Stim Farm:

  • Make sure that your BSC wallet is connected to

As we make sure that CZodiac Team is transparent in everything, you can check the codes here:
Note: Credits to Olympus DAO for this idea

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Join us and May the Luck be with you!