Mooo, Everyone! 🐮

What is happening today? If you guessed 2 new vaults from our Launchpool partner CZodiac, then you are completely right!

“On you will: PLAY tigerhunt, EARN farms+pools, WIN zodiac nfts, STABLECOIN APR czusd/busd.”

$CZF – $BUSD. – 1.28M% APY (2.63% Daily)

$CZF – $BNB – 1.55% APY (2.68% Daily)

Stake your LP directly on in order to auto compound your LP and earn more LP automatically, you save both GAS and time, simple as that!

❗️To buy $CZF on BSC and add liquidity, head over to PCS:



❗️ Thanks to Czodiac, later today we are Boosting our Single $BNB Vault with $CZF for 14 days. Don’t miss out on this exciting APY, get in now before it’s too late!