Fellow czodiacians,

we are pleased to announce the release of tighunt. It simple dapp game with tigz token to earn Limited edition Nfts.

  • app.czodiac.com is now updated to 0.3.0! You can stake/unstake your tigz in preparation for the Tiger Hunt game release at app.czodiac.com/#/tigerhunt . Make sure to refresh the page and check in the top left that you’re on 0.3.0!s.There’s no fees for staking or unstaking TIGZ from Tiger Hunt, but it is locked for 24 hours.

How to play Tiger Hunt :

Earn BEP20 Tiger Hunt Points (TigHP) and win unique Tiger Zodiac NFTs!

Event 1 :

stake your $TIGZ. The more $TIGZ you stake the more points you will earn!

Event 2 :

Eat, Sleep, Drink, and Poop to gain points based on your staked $TIGZ.

Event 3 :

Guard byto protect your tigHP against other players, up to 100 times your staked $TIGZ. But it burns 5% of your TigHP!

Event 4 :

Hunt unprotected players to steal 5% of their TigHP and burn 5% more from them.

You can only attack players smaller than you or with less than 4x your TigHP. The best chance to win is against ungaurded players with 2x your TigHP. Search on BscScan to find targets

The winners of the game will receive Limited edition Nfts. Holder’s of Nfts will receive share of all upcoming zodiac token and able to participate governence of project.The. Nft staking dapp and games are Luanch soon,stay updated