Fellow czodiacians ,

v0.6.0 release! CZUSD beta borrowing is now available on app.czodiac.com/#/czusd. Please do not borrow more than 500 CZUSD so that everyone can get a chance to experiment. As the price stabilizes around $1 and the farms are activated the global borrow cap will be lifted (currently $35000).

For this release, the CZF/CZUSD pool was created. with equal liquidity to the CZF/BUSD pool. If you want to trade CZF/CZUSD you can only do it on the pair until the new farms for CZUSD are added:


Please be aware that the CZUSD pool will have the algorithmic peg activated soon, so expect the CZUSD price to return to 1.000. Double check the current CZUSD price on app.czodiac.com/#/czusd at the bottom of the page under the “Global CZUSD Stats” section.

Have fun & enjoy! Theres no fees, interest or liquidations, so the only cost is gas.