CZVaults are asset vaults that earn auto-compounding APY without the problem of dumping earnings onto the projects that the vaults are built on top of. Most vaults today automatically sell the tokens earned in order to auto-compound the interest earnings. Instead CZVaults takes the protocol tokens earned and harvests them into a pool where they can be earned using CZF.

The first Vault to launch will be a BNB vault. Deposit BNB to earn more BNB and CZF. Your BNB will auto-compound, meaning your BNB stake will grow automatically overtime, while your CZF earnings can be claimed like you are used to with CZF Farms and Pools.

The BNB vault will earn BELT tokens for the CZodiac protocol. These BELT tokens will be held in reserve until a sufficient amount are available to run a 30 day pool. These BELT tokens can then be earned by staking CZF. This way the BELT tokens are never sold by the CZodiac protocol, meaning CZVault supports the underlying protocol instead of dumping on it.

If you are looking to earn a high APY on your BNB, then you should prepare for the CZVault launch. This vault has been thoroughly tested using the same testing technology used by Pancakeswap and Belt and has gone through line by line code review by CZodiac’s developers. Be prepared to keep your BNB in the vault for some time as there is a withdrawal fee to prevent people from gaming the autocompounding through quick deposits and withdraws.

Future CZVaults are planned in the future. First will come more Belt vaults for BTC, ETH, and 4Belt for stablecoins like USDC. Afterwards we will be expanding Vaults to other large platforms like Pancakeswap. If there’s a farm you really enjoy on a different platform and would like a chance to earn higher APY, then tell the CZodiac team to get your favorite project prioritized. And don’t forget — these antidump vaults don’t sell your favorite project’s tokens, so it’s good for everyone!

How to use CZVaults
1. Get BNB in your BSC wallet. At launch, there is only a BNB vault but later more assets will be supported.
2. Go to and click the “CZVaults” red button link.
3. Connect your wallet to BSC on the top right corner.
4. Select the amount of BNB you want to deposit using the slider.
5. Click the Stake button and enjoy watching your BNB and CZF grow! Whenever you like, you can claim your CZF. Your BNB will automatically be redeposited into your stake so it will grow overtime.

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Join us and May the Luck be with you!