CZodiac Meme & Twitter Posting Contest!

Let's spread the word about Czodiac!

Theme: Oxzodiac, OxArmy, and our upcoming Tigz token swap!


We are simplifying the contest to make it easier for @everyone to participate. The contest will be split into two parts: OXZ Meme and OXZ Post. First is OXZ Meme, then after we will do posting contest. If you already posted in #🔒oxzodiac-meme-competition you can reapply with the same memes and posts.

OXZ Meme Bounty Competition 1. Make an original $OXZ meme themed with OxZodiac and Ox Army. 2. Post your meme + BSC addres in #oxzmeme-bounty

The contest will end in 3 days when the timer runs out: You must also have 10m $OXZ in your account, if you received & held airdrop you automatically qualify or you can buy on pancakeswap.


Only one per user, but you may post multiple times. Winners picked by CZodiac team.
1. Top #1 Meme: 3b $OXZ
2. Top #10 Meme: 200m $OXZ
3. Top #100 Meme: 50m $OXZ
4. Participation award 20m $OXZ

But How to make MEME for free???
Easy: Go to, upload OXZ logo from #assets and make your meme.
Advanced: Download GIMP (free!) from Use #assets and google to combine images

Follow us! and May the luck be with you!