CZodiac Development Updates: TIGZ to CZF Swap

CZodiac gained a lot of attention especially for those Investors who are into farming and of course, with our theme Chinese Zodiac which will bring Luck and prosperity on your portfolio.

As time passed by, development of the project is our aim and improving our dapps for your best farming experience!

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· CzFarm and CZUSD: StableCoin:

· CZVault:\

· Stim Farm:

Partnerships with a lot of good projects around the BSC Network!


· Farmageddon

· GiftedHands

· Beefy Finance

· CafeSwap

· Berry Data

· AutoSharkFinance

· Singular Farm

· Coinwind

· Game1Network

· PolkaRhino

· Treasureland

We are planning to be partnered with a lot of projects in BSC as we move forward on our development.


Over time the Czodiac Project has changed for the better. Originally we planned to have 12 CZodiac BEP-20 swaps until we reached the final CZodiac. However, with the development of our ecosystem especially CZFfarm/Stim Farm and CZVaults the demand clearly shows that there is more value in farming and defi projects. We’ve decided to do a migration of our TIGZ token into our CZF which will be our main token moving forward.

We our TIGZ holders are properly cared for using our buyback system as our LeadDev/CEO Plasticdigits developed a dapp/contract that will swap your TIGZ to CZF. You just need to click a button “swap all” and all your TIGZ will be swapped to CZF. This swap will be available from around November 2, 2021.

The Plan

In preparation for the TIGZ to CZF swap, these will be the steps moving forward.

· The CZodiac protocol will withdraw the TIGZ LP and buyback CZF with the BNB and BUSD over 4 weeks. All CZF acquired will be burned.

· During the swap and afterwards, TIGZ can’t be sold on PCS as you will be needing to use our Swap Dapp or use Stim Farm TIGZ/CZF LP to migrate all TIGZ to CZF.

You can use permanent swap dapp for the buyout of TIGZ. The swap will be at a rate of: 45 TIGZ = 1 CZF, set based on the current price of CZF and the ATH of TIGZ.

· Ending of TIGZhunt, as we are retiring the TIGZ token. We will also end the TIGZhunt game and we are also planning to create another game that will be incorporated with CZF — TigzHuntV2

· NFT: even though we are not swapping to CZodiac tokens we are still in line with our CZodiac NFTs in which will be airdropped over 2–3weeks after the game ends. We will continue with plans for the Rabbit Zodiac NFTs.

· Lastly, for those who are holding TigzHp: A stim farm for TigzHP/CZF will be opened to migrate everything in Stim Farm.

These are the concrete plans at the moment but as we move forward, CZodiac Team will be making sure that the development will be our key to our success. We appreciate your support CZodiacans and hoping for your continuous support!

Don’t forget to spread the word about us! Join us and May the Luck be with you!

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