CZfarm & CZusd — Farming and Chinese Zodiac Stablecoin — UPDATED: CZfarming OPEN!

CZFarm + CZUsd
The development team is adding a stablecoin and farming system to Chinese Zodiac to reward our holders, increase locked protocol wealth, and improve the OXZ token value. CZFarm will be launched within 1 to 2 weeks of this post, based on snapshots taken over the next several days. The full process is described below:

1)Snapshot after the 70% unlock of holders+LP for OXZ
2) the Second snapshot at a random block, between 2 and 3 days later
3) All users with same or higher balance in the second snapshot compared to the first get an airdrop of 888:1 of CZFarm token based on the second snapshot.
4) Anyone may deposit BUSD to get CZUsd, or burn CZUsd to get BUSD within 24 hours.
5) 4 farms: OXZ/CZUsd, OXZ/CZFarm, CZFarm/CZUsd, BUSD/CZUsd
6) 20% of the interest from farming BUSD is used to buy & burn CZFarm, while 80% is reinvested.

Important to note:
* Purchasing and holding at any time between now and the second snapshot in 2–3 days will increase your CZFarm airdrop.

  • The airdrop value is likely to be substantial, as a very low mc of $100k for CZFarm would place the airdrop value at $758.26/10b OXZ.
  • Due to step (6) CZUsd will be overcollateralized by BUSD with two major consequences: (a) The amount of burnt CZFarm from BUSD interest will increase over time even without additional adoption of CZUsd and (b) the excess backing allows for future 0 liquidation lending to be built on top of CZUsd, as outlined in the 5-year plan.

The team has also run a simulation of CZFarm to optimize the tokenomics. This simulation is based on assumptions that may be quite different from reality. The team did its best to pick very conservative assumptions, for instance, the marketcap of CZFarm of only $120,000 may be substantially different than the actual marketcap. You may view the simulation below:

CZFarm simulation

This simulation relies on several assumptions, and the results are for illustrative purposes. DYOR.


- 888:1 airdrop for OXZ who hold through unlock+3days
- Flat 288/block emission of CZFarm (0.93% daily inflation)

*Sim Assumptions*

- 1,782,166,406 Starting CZFarm supply
- Farmers LP allocation: 30%,15%,20%,35%
- Starting mc of CZFarm is $120,000
- 22% BUSD interest rate
- Stable OXZ,CZFarm price

*Sim Results*

- Week 1 TVL: $167k
- CZFarm Airdrop value to OXZ holders/10B OXZ: $758.26
- CZFarm annual buybacks: $32,057
- OXZ farming: 1.601T (40%)

Simulated week 1 pool stats:

 Pool        | TVL     | Daily   | APR   | APY   |
— — — — — — —| — — — — | — — — — | — — — | — — — |
OXZ/CZUSD | $102k | 0.15% | 57% | 71% |
OXZ/CZFARM | $51k | 0.44% | 170% | 398% |
CZFARM/CZUSD | $68k | 0.18% | 57% | 95% |
BUSD/CZUSD | $120k | 0.06% | 23% | 24% |


CZfarming is now OPEN!

How it works: Each Farm below (for instance, CZF/TIGZ) is for Pancakeswap Liquidity Tokens. So if you want to stake your CZF and your TIGZ, you should scroll down to that farm and click “Mint TIGZ/CZF on PCS”. That will take you to the page on Pancakeswap where you can combine your TIGZ and CZF to mint the LP tokens. Then come back to this page and refresh, your balance should show up in your wallet. Then, approve and “Stake All TIGZ/CZF” to start earning!

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