Beginner’s Guide on how to stake and earn with CZFARM

In this article, we will give you the steps on how you can easily stake your token in our pools and farms to earn $CZF or our partnered Token!

  • First, go to our CZfarm Dapp:
  • Connect your wallet to BSC:
    - Make sure that your BSC wallet (Wallet such as: metamask and trustwallet) is connected (See screenshot below)
Your address should show on the “Connect” part
  • Once your wallet is connected, you can choose either you FARM or POOL.
    - Farm: This is where you can farm your LP tokens by adding an equal amount of each token in Pancakeswap.
    -Pool: This is where you can stake a single token and earn a token which we are partnered with.

To Farm:

  • Once you finish the first step, you can choose your desired token pair for farming.
  • Click “Approve” on your desired Farm
  • Easily get your LP token by clicking “Mint XXX/XXX on PCS” or Get XXX/XXX LP”
  • After getting your LP token, you can stake it and start earning!
  • You may always see your stats under “Your Stats” and options for Claim and Unstake will be available.

To Pool:

  • Once you are done with the first step, you can choose your desired token to earn.
  • Get your $CZF in pancakeswap by clicking “Get CZF on PCS”
  • After getting your $CZF tokens, you can easily stake and earn any of our partnered token!
  • Check the “Launching” tab to see when new pools are launching, and be sure to withdraw your $CZF from “Expired”pools.
  • You can also monitor your earnings on “Your Stats”
  • Claim and Withdraw all options are available.

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Join us and May the Luck be with you!