Rabbit Catch dapp update!

  • Displays owned CZodiac NFT images on the mint page (may need referesh if you see NetworkError, this bug is being worked on)
  • - Switches to HashRouter to fix page navigation crashes

IMPORTANT! If you are using a referral code!! You will need to get a new link, hashrouter breaks the old links. Go to rabbitcatch.com/#/referral and get your new referral link.

czodiac proud to announce Joining of Game1Network U Support Program !

The Game1Network U Support Program provides utility Support for best project on Binance Smart chain.

They providing our token it’s next utility which we believe our community will really like to explore. Our community is going to be able to play and access over 3000+ games with CZFarm token , earn more CZFarm token on their platform and many other benefits all for our community.

1️⃣ . CZFarm token will be integrated as an in-game currency for bet/play/wager on the Game1Network platform .

2️⃣ . CZFarm token will be integrated as an in-game currency for payouts/rewards , what is better than this earning more CZFarm tokens without the need to buy it from the open market but just to play and earn on Game1Network platform. 🤑

👨‍🌾 CZFarm TOKEN: https://czodiac.com/

🎮 Game1Network Platform: https://game1network.com/

📣Game1Network Telegram: https://t.me/game1networkchat

It was indeed an amazing AMA with our Partner Singular.Farm. Our Lead Dev/Ceo — Plastic Digits discussed a lot about Czodiac Development as well as our new and improved CzFarm — Stim Farm!

Check this article for more info if you have missed the recent AMA with them!

Question and…

Introduction: CZFarm

CZfarm is a huge success with partnership and adoption from our community with it’s native token — CZF and with that, we have decided to open the Stim Farm or CZFarmV2 in which will be discussed in this article on how it works and how our fellow CZodiacans will benefit…

CZVaults are asset vaults that earn auto-compounding APY without the problem of dumping earnings onto the projects that the vaults are built on top of. Most vaults today automatically sell the tokens earned in order to auto-compound the interest earnings. …


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