It was indeed an amazing AMA with our Partner Singular.Farm. Our Lead Dev/Ceo — Plastic Digits discussed a lot about Czodiac Development as well as our new and improved CzFarm — Stim Farm!

Check this article for more info if you have missed the recent AMA with them!

Question and…

Introduction: CZFarm

CZfarm is a huge success with partnership and adoption from our community with it’s native token — CZF and with that, we have decided to open the Stim Farm or CZFarmV2 in which will be discussed in this article on how it works and how our fellow CZodiacans will benefit…

With the success of Partnership with Berry Data, CZodiac Team with the lead of our CEO/Dev Plastic Digits had an AMA session with Berry Group last 14th of October, 9am UTC.

Our Lead Dev discussed the benefits and features of Czodiac to Berry Community. …

CZVaults are asset vaults that earn auto-compounding APY without the problem of dumping earnings onto the projects that the vaults are built on top of. Most vaults today automatically sell the tokens earned in order to auto-compound the interest earnings. …

Mooo, Everyone! 🐮

What is happening today? If you guessed 2 new vaults from our Launchpool partner CZodiac, then you are completely right!

“On you will: PLAY tigerhunt, EARN farms+pools, WIN zodiac nfts, STABLECOIN APR czusd/busd.”

$CZF – $BUSD. – 1.28M% APY (2.63% Daily)

$CZF – $BNB – 1.55% APY (2.68% Daily)

Stake your LP directly on in order to auto compound your LP and earn more LP automatically, you save both GAS and time, simple as that!

❗️To buy $CZF on BSC and add liquidity, head over to PCS:



❗️ Thanks to Czodiac, later today we are Boosting our Single $BNB Vault with $CZF for 14 days. Don’t miss out on this exciting APY, get in now before it’s too late!

Let us all welcome GiftedHands to CZ farming pool

GHD offer solution to constant issues in payment to our freelancers developers.(GHD) Will enable us to speed up payment process. Important Productivity and get everyone involved success.

We will open CZF-GHD farm on the 14th september

Mark your calendar as this will be HUGE! More passive income for our growing community!

Follow GiftedHands




Fellow czodiacians ,

v0.6.0 release! CZUSD beta borrowing is now available on Please do not borrow more than 500 CZUSD so that everyone can get a chance to experiment. As the price stabilizes around $1 and the farms are activated the global borrow cap will be lifted (currently $35000).

For this release, the CZF/CZUSD pool was created. with equal liquidity to the CZF/BUSD pool. If you want to trade CZF/CZUSD you can only do it on the pair until the new farms for CZUSD are added:

Please be aware that the CZUSD pool will have the algorithmic peg activated soon, so expect the CZUSD price to return to 1.000. Double check the current CZUSD price on at the bottom of the page under the “Global CZUSD Stats” section.

Have fun & enjoy! Theres no fees, interest or liquidations, so the only cost is gas.


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